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With Flexijet STONE software for easy and precise measurement of countertops and other stone surfaces.


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What is Flexijet?

Flexijet Stone sofware is designed specifically for the Stone countertop industry. Get measuring quickly with instant Autolevel, and 1 button to start measuring a countertop.

Flexijet Stone includes an easy function for drawing backsplash and laminate strips, as well as the simple and efficient measurement of Full-Height backsplash and waterfalls.


Curves and angles made easy

Flexijet 3D with Flexijet STONE software is the next generation laser technology for extreme accuracy

Over 2000 Flexijets sold worldwide
4500 software installations and counting
Flexijet 3D Next Generation was awarded the 2018 Red Dot Design award
Flexijet‘s software development began in 2001
Nedo (Flexijet‘s hardware manufacturer) has been building survey instruments for 120 years.
Flexijet has provided over 400 software updates since 2007

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How does it work?

Measurements taken with the Flexijet laser measuring device are transferred via a stable WiFi connection to the FlexiCAD software on your Windows tablet or laptop. A digital drawing is instantly created in real time.

The laser of the Flexijet 3D can be controlled either manually or by remote control, and Flexijet’s integrated motorised system also allows Flexijet to point the laser back at points for visual verification of measurements.

Measurements can be triggered via the Touch Sensor located on the device, with the remote control or on the tablet PC.

Instant automatic levelling using the internal tilt tensor means no need for the tedious manual adjusting of the tripod. As a result, setup is quick and doesn’t required additional equipment just to start measuring.

If the device is accidentally knocked, the integrated shock sensor will warn the user on the Flexijet’s touch display and in the Software.

Tub Decks

Tub Decks

Basic Countertops

Tub Decks

Full Height Backsplash

Tub Decks

Tight Spaces

Tub Decks

Flexijet 3D can be easily repositioned from room to room or across various building levels right from the touch display or via FlexiCAD software.

Repositioning is done my measuring two reference points before and after moving the Flexijet 3D, which allows for immediate continuation of the measurement process.

The average battery life of the Flexijet 3D is eight hours depending on the motor usage. The device can also be used while it is being charged, thereby allowing ‘around the clock’ measurements so that nothing stands in the way of that important measurement task.

Vertical Surfacing


Waterfalls and Backsplash


Flexijet STONE software functions for accurate measurements and efficient templates


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