Falcon High-Speed Blade

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Suitable for cutting granite & engineered stone with exceptional speed, the Falcon High-Speed Large Bridge Saw Blade features laser welded segments which make the bond between the teeth and the body seven times stronger than a ‘standard’ brazed blade. This robust construction means that the Falcon is able to run at a much faster meterage through stone than almost any others available on the market. Experience high-power, cutting performance with this powerful diamond blade. 


View the technical parameters for this blade in the information section below

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The new Falcon High-Speed Bridge Saw Blade is here to revolutionise your workshop! This blade can easily run at 3.5m/min through engineered stone, making this one of our fastest-performing blades in the range.

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Stonegate Diamond Bridge Saw Blade Technical Parameters - Falcon High-Speed Large Diamond Bridge Saw Blade

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Use the table below to work out the best cutting parameters for the Falcon High-Speed Large Diamond Bridge Saw Blade.  

Use our blade RPM matrix below to work out the recommended speed for our Falcon High-Speed blade:

Blade Diameter Material Thickness RPM Feed Rate
400mm Granite 30mm 1,800 2.5M / min
400mm Quartz 30mm 1,800 3.5M / min
450mm Granite 30mm 1,500 2.5M / min
450mm Quartz 30mm 1,500 3.5M / min


The Falcon Diamond Bridge Saw Blade is the latest in our range of high-speed stone tools for fabricating natural and engineered stones quicker than ever before. The secret to the Falcon's high-performance rate is down to its precise construction. The blades segments are laser welded onto the blade body which creates a bond 7 times stronger than standard brazed blades - you can see the laser weld line on the blade (the thick black line that separates the body from the segments). This strong bond means that the blade can run faster through stone than almost any other blade available on the market today. This stone tool is genuinely the future of efficient fabricating. 

Stonegate Precision Tooling Online is the UK's market-leading supplier to stone fabricators wanting high-quality diamond blades & stone tooling as well as specialist consumables for stone workshops. Experience the Stonegate Online difference with our exclusive Online Trade Account and benefit from the specialist products and knowledge you've come to know, with the ease of effortless online support and ordering. Choose Stonegate for your diamond blades for stone. 

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