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Edge Polishing

Edge polishing is a vital part in stone fabrication and should not be overlooked when finishing a job. Our range of edge polishing tools will ensure a consistently high-quality finish each and every time.

Our edge polishing tools are built to last with many lasting 50% longer than other pads currently on the market. They achieve a great shine and ensure a very straight edge whenever applied.

Need a hand choosing your edge polishing tool? Contact a member of our experience stone fabrication team and we will guide you through choosing the best tool for the job.

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Edge Polishing Conditioning Pads

Snail Lock Edge Polishing Pads

Velcro Edge Polishing Pads

Edge Polishing Snail Lock Backing Plates

Edge Polishing Snail Lock Velcro Backing Pads

Edge Polishing Metallic Arris Heads

Edge Polishing Arris Heads

Edge Polishing Brushes

Edge Polishing Abrasives

Edge Polisher Calibrating Heads

Edge Polishing Snail Lock Removal Keys

Surface Protection Film

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