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In order to effectively fabricate stone, you need the right high-quality tools, our comprehensive range of hand tools and accessories are the sorts of products you will see all over a busy workshop and consist of Pens & Markers, Sealant Guns, Measuring Equipment, Hand Tools, Tapes, Knives & Blades and Steel Wool. Our value-added range of some of the everyday items still benefits from being manufactured by renowned brands to ensure their quality is unquestioned; our hand tool brands include Staedtler, Edding and Tessa

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  • You're easy to deal with, you have quick deliveries, and a good range of products, It may sound small but if you don't have issues with the deliveries it makes it so much easier to do business
    Managing Director
  • What I really like about Stonegate when they come in, they add value to their call. Whereas none of your competitors do, they come in & are just reps.
    Trade Fabricator
    South West England
  • Thank you - excellent service as always.
    Worktop & Fireplace Company
    North Yorkshire
  • You are unbelievable! Is there nothing you can't supply?
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Stonegate is the UK's most trusted provider of specialist products and knowledge to stone fabricators. We work to find innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our products and services help make people’s lives easier, simpler and safer.

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