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Stonegate Blue Sharpening Block | Diamond Tool Sharpening

Blue Sharpening Block 320 x 320 x 50mm


Stock No: 50.180.01

Helps to keep your tools performing at their optimal sharpness to ensure good cutting.

It is advisable to run UCS blades through the block after each job to ensure the blade is kept its best.  This is further recommended by most ultra-compact surface manufacturers.

The block can be used to sharpen core drills and saw blades alike.


Getting the most from your Sharpening Block For Bridge Saws: 

1)  Silicone the block to the bed (for best results - find our range of Silicones here)

2)  Run the blade 2mm deep in the block at twice normal running feed speed

3)  Move the blade a blade's width across the block until the whole area has been used 

Large sharpening block for redressing saw blades and core drills when they have become glazed.

Dimensions: 320 x 320 x 50 mm

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