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400mm Italdiamant DKT3 Blade

400mm Italdiamant DKT3 Blade


Made in Italy, the Italdiamant DKT3 blade features very hard diamond set inside a soft bond for the cutting of ultra compact surfaces.

Producing a very fast, clean cut it's the perfect choice for high speed cutting UCS and accredited by the manufacturers of DEKTON and NEOLITH for added peace of mind when cutting these materials.

Remember that you will need a high volume of water when cutting all ultra-compact surfaces with this blade to ensure blade life and product quality.

This is the bridge saw of choice for cutting specialist stones but don’t forget to keep the blade in it’s most efficient condition by sharpening after each cut with our accredited sharpening block

It's essential that the blade receives the right quantity of water when cutting to refresh and clean the segments....Helping you get the most from your tools!


Ideal RPM 2200-2400, Feed Rate 1600mm/Min and up to 2000mm/Min

Slow Fixed Speed Type Saw 1400RPM, Feed Rate 1300mm/Min



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Code Stock Diameter RPM Feed Rate/Min on 20mm Feed Rate/Min on 30mm Segment Height Bore Location Holes £
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Diameter 400mm RPM 1500-2100 Feed Rate/Min on 20mm 1300mm-2000mm Feed Rate/Min on 30mm - Segment Height 8mm Bore 50/60mm Location Holes Breton & Donatoni