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1 Litre Styrex Crystal Clear Adhesive

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Knife grade vinyl ester adhesive A hybrid between polyester & vinyl glues which shares the benefits of both. Recommended for seaming, laminations, mitre cuts and chip repairs. Especially suited for bonding ultra-compact and porcelain

✔ Vinyl ester Adhesive

✔ 1 Litre With Hardener 1% dosage

✔ 8Mpa Strength

✔ Interior & Exterior use

✔ Heat Resistance 130Degrees

✔ 5mins Gel Time 20mins hardening 30mins to sand & Polish

✔ Area of use, bonding Mitres/Seams in Stone, Ceramic & Ultra compact surfaces. Colour Pastes can be used.

✔ Very low yellowing in outdoor or UV applications

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