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SlabWrap© Protection Film Blue 150mm X 100M

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SlabWrap provides a much-needed protective layer against the pressure of your edge polisher rollers that can embed slurry and dust deep into the surface of the stone. Many will know that this staining can even be permanent, ruining the slab entirely.

SlabWrap acts as a tough, waterproof layer that prevents damage to the stone’s surface and is easily applied and removed with no messy residue left behind. What’s more, the film won't interfere with your edge polisher meaning risk-free protection!

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1 – Edge polishing machines use toughened rubber rollers to guide the stone along the belt – these rollers press firmly on the stone, guiding it slowly forward through the positions.

2 – As the edge polisher works, large volumes of pressurised water are used to achieve the perfect polished edge and get the most from the pads.

3 – This water, coupled with the dust created through stock removal, creates a slurry. The pressure exerted by the rollers forces this dirty water into the porous surface of the stone – as the rollers move they force this slurry downward.

4 – The end result is that the surface of the stone can become stained, ruining the finish. This staining can be very difficult to remove and in the worst cases can be untreatable meaning the whole slab is ruined!

5 – The easily applied SlabWrap provides a simple surface barrier against staining, just apply a single layer of the lightly adhesive film to the top of the slab where the rollers would come into contact.

6 – SlabWrap doesn’t interfere with your edge polisher and allows rollers to easily guide the stone as if it weren't there.

7 – The SlabWrap film protects from dirty water being forced into the stone whilst allowing your edge polisher to create a flawlessly polished edge.

8 – Using SlabWrap means none of the slurry can be forced into the surface of the stone. This effective barrier works well on all horizontal edge machines.

9 – When your polishing is finished, simply peel away your used SlabWrap. There’s no adhesive residue left behind, and minimal waste, but you’ve protected your stone’s surface from staining, extra work and any additional, unnecessary costs!

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