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Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of you and your workers is of paramount importance. This is made easier with dust monitoring systems from Trolex - a UK leader in safety technology.

Monitoring dust and silica

The dangers of dust and silica when cutting and fabricating stone are well-known by now. It is incredibly important to put in place measures that will ensure the safety of you and your employees.

One of these measures is monitoring the levels of dust in your workplace to ensure they are at a safe level, as recommended by the HSE. At Stonegate we have partnered with Trolex, award winning leaders of safety monitoring systems, to provide options that will help your dust and silica safety management. 

Construction dust isn't just a nuisance - regularly breathing it in over a long time can cause life-changing lung diseases, and in some cases can lead to death. According to one HSE report, there are 12,000 lung disease deaths each year that are linked to past exposures at work, and 1.8 million workers currently suffer from work-related ill health.

Trolex have been developing their dust monitoring technology has been in development for almost a decade. Over 20,000 hours of testing in their special lab facilities has enabled them to offer dust and silica management systems that are both simple and effective, will also being affordable solutions.

That's why we are delighted to be able to provide Trolex solutions as part of the Stonegate stone fabrication safety portfolio. 

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The XD1+ is a small and lightweight dust monitor, that doesn't hinder you from going about your work - while still working acurrately and effectively. Simple to use with just one button and only weighing 170,g it is a practical and effective dust monitoring solution.

Get in touch on or (+44) 1482 620400 to enquire or get a quote.


The only product globally that can detect and distinguish respirable crystalline silica (RCS) in real time - the Air XS is a revolution in dust and silica monitoring. Designed to function in challenging industrial environments, it can track changing levels of RCS in complex dust mixtures over time.

Call (+44) 1482 620400 or email to find out more about the Air XS.