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Trade Account Application

If you would like to open a Trade Account with Stonegate, please complete and submit the form below*

* Please note that completing this form does not automatically open your accounts.

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Credit Terms & Conditions

We undertake to make payment to you within your credit terms which are 30 days from date of invoice and we agree that no deductions are to be made from payments due to you without the written agreement of your company. In the event of an invoice being overdue for 2 months, credit facilities will be withdrawn until the account is cleared. Should the account have to be suspended 3 times in a 12 month period, it will automatically be closed and credit facilities withdrawn.

In the event of there being a query on an invoice submitted, this should be referred to us in writing in 10 days. Subsequent disputes cannot be accepted as a reason for non-payment We undertake to maintain our account within the maximum limit that we have requested above and to make payment if necessary to keep our account within that limit irrespective of the due date of the invoices.

We reserve the right to alter, amend or withdraw credit facilities offered at any time.