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Recess Wheels

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To be used on CNC machines these magnetic recess wheels are for fabricating recess drainers. 


For feeds and speeds, please see the product information section below

Grouped product items
Code Description Diameter Grit Qty £
58.10090.MAG.EG50.117 Recess Wheel 50G Magnetic 100mm 50g
0 £125.00
58.10090.MAG.EG100.117 Recess Wheel 100G Magnetic 100mm 100g
0 £125.00
58.10090.MAG.EG200.117 Recess Wheel 200G Magnetic 100mm 200g
0 £125.00
58.10090.MAG.EG500.117 Recess Wheel 500G Magnetic 100mm 500g
0 £125.00
58.10090.MAG.EG1000.117 Recess Wheel 1000G Magnetic 100mm 1000g
0 £125.00
58.10090.MAG.EG2000.117 Recess Wheel 2000G Magnetic 100mm 2000g
0 £125.00
58.10090.MAG.EG3000.117 Recess Wheel 3000G Magnetic 100mm 3000g
0 £125.00
58.10090.MAG.EGBUFF.117 Recess Wheel Buff Magnetic 100mm Buff
0 £147.00
58.11060.MAG.EG100.117 60° Wheel 100g Magnetic Fitting 110mm 100g
0 £145.00
58.11060.MAG.EG200.117 60° Wheel 200g Magnetic Fitting 110mm 200g
0 £145.00
58.11060.MAG.EG500.117 60° Wheel 500g Magnetic Fitting 110mm 500g
0 £145.00
58.11060.MAG.EG1000.117 60° Wheel 1000g Magnetic Fitting 110mm 1000g
0 £145.00
58.11060.MAG.EG2000.117 60° Wheel 2000g Magnetic Fitting 110mm 2000g
0 £145.00
58.11060.MAG.EG3000.117 60° 3000g Magnetic Fitting 110mm 3000g
0 £145.00
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Technical Parameters:


Diameter RPM Feed Rate
100mm 1,000 - 1,200 4,000 - 6,000mm / min
(60°) 110mm 1,200 - 1,500 2,500mm / min
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Brand Cherokee
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