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Optimo Tool Rental Service


That edge profile you thought you couldn't have? You can.

Our rental service is proving very popular with Stone Fabricators across the UK, as we provide CNC tools set up ready to run at an allocated charge per linear metre. Our OPTIMO Rental system is a highly flexible and cost-effective method of ensuring that your CNC profiling tools are measured with unrivalled accuracy.

By choosing OPTIMO, you'll be giving your customers more choice of profiled edging whilst you gain the peace of mind that all edges are produced to a perfect shine straight off the machine and without hidden costs associated with such tasks.

OPTIMO means no hassle, transparent pricing with no hidden costs, and minimal extra work for your factory as it's all done on the machine.

Available profiles


Edge Profile Options

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With Optimo Rental you save:


we set up for you!


no need to purchase tools that you might not use again

How it works

Price for rental

Marble, Granite & Engineered Stone One-Off standard charge of £535 up to 10 Linear Metres, then charge is £27/LM thereafter.
Natural Quartzite & UCS Materials One-Off standard charge of £798 up to 10 Linear Metres, then charge is £32/LM thereafter.
Delivery and collection of your tools in a safe travel case is included
Please note that a cancellation charge of £75 is applicable if tools have already been delivered but are no longer required.
An additional surcharge of £50 per week is applicable for rentals lasting longer than the initial week.
Optimo Travel Case
Optimo Travel Case

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