The Status High-Speed Stone CNC Router: Performance Fabrication




When it comes using to CNC to fabricate stone; quality, efficiency and precision are the key factors for a successful cut. Status Diamond Tooling is the brand of choice for fabricators wanting all these elements combined with guaranteed high-performance in the form of power and durability.

The Status High-Speed Stone CNC Router is the result of careful innovation to ensure we tailor our expert product development to exactly what matters most to our customers. Subtle tweaks such as smaller, angled segments ensure a greater diamond surface area for stone cutting, whilst enhanced water holes ensure the most efficient cut possible through keeping the cutting surface cool and free of dust and debris.

When crafting high-performance stone tools, margin gains are vital. The smallest of modifications can have a huge impact on the final result. 

We removed excess weight from key parts of the router body to further enhance performance which, combined with the segments, means that the Status High-Speed Stone CNC Router is capable at running nearly double the speed of most standard stone CNC router tools. Furthermore, we choose arranged diamond inside a medium/hard bond for the segments to ensure greater consistency and quality of the cuts whilst including a reinforced end segment for plunging and rebating. The medium/hard diamond bond means that this router not only has a good life but will cut almost any material with exceptional speed.


Product Code Dimensions RPM Feed Rate



(High Speed)


 22mm x 40mm


 7,500 - 8,000 RPM


350 - 400mm / min

Engineered Stone:

400 - 700mm / min


This performance Status Router means more speed, more life and greater value for your business. Put simply, if you want to maximise your stone CNC investment, pick Status as your tooling brand of choice. 



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