Status Diamond Tooling stands for strength and quality within the CNC tools for stone fabricating industry, the combined benefits of high-power and long-lasting performance mean the Status range delivers an exceptional finished product without the worry that the tools won’t be up to job.


Many fabricators choose CNC stone fabrication as a great way to scale their businesses with a process that offers much greater accuracy and precision and benefits from automation so doesn’t require an operator completing the work throughout the entire process, it’s also very difficult to achieve the same finish of CNC work by hand due to its precision.


Stonegate supports stone fabricators across the entire world with their CNC knowledge and product solutions and stock a comprehensive range of Routers, Recess Wheels, Fluting Wheels, Engraving Tools, Profile Wheels, Manual Machines and Cones & Suction Cups, all with the goal of maximising workshop efficiency, reducing downtime and achieving the best finished product possible.


Stonegate is proud to work exclusively with Status Diamond Tooling, world-renowned CNC tooling and parts manufacturer. With Status, strength and quality come as standard, it’s the brand's entire mission! Status work with stone fabricators across the UK to research and develop the best products in the marketplace, each and every product in the range undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure it can meet the high demands of our specialist industry.


Each Status tool is constructed from the highest quality materials with all diamond sourced directly from Italy to guarantee exceptional performance and life. The rigorous quality control that all Status tools undergo mean that you can rest assured that they’re up to the task.

Speak with Stonegate today and learn about how you can transform your business by choosing Status Diamond Tooling for your CNC equipment.