The New Hercules Lifting and Handling Range Will Help To Keep Your Workshop Compliant.


With the HSE cracking down on all aspects of Health and Safety in the construction industry it has never been more important to ensure you are controlling the risks in your workshop with adequate PPE and lifting and handling solutions.

In August alone the HSE fined ten construction companies for failing to protect their employees from various health and safety risks. Sovereign Exhibition and Events was ordered to pay a fine of £161,000 and pay costs of £1,345 after failing to ensure the safety of its employees during the lifting and moving of a 14ft wide park home chassis, resulting in a worker being knocked unconscious and breaking their collar bone.


With Lifting and Handling Safety as a key focus, can anyone really afford the fine from ignoring the risks and endangering their employees?


With this in mind, Stonegate Precisions Tooling’s New Product Development Department has been working hard with tooling manufacturers to bring a new and innovative lifting and handling range to market.


Working Tables, A-Frames, Automatic Lifting Clamps and Forklift Booms are just some of the items available in Stonegate’s new Hercules Lifting and Handling Range. With Stonegate’s commitment to quality and innovation, these products have been specially designed to provide solutions to common pain points in the stone industry. The commitment doesn’t stop there however, Stonegate continue to innovate the range making changes to improve the product-based feedback from testing or suggestions from customers. This ensures their range of lifting and handling equipment not only protects fabricators but also makes their job easier.


So, what exactly is in the range?


The Hercules working table is a sturdy, rubber-lined working table with built-in brackets allows you to create different workstations to suit your needs. The table is also fitted with removable casters and adjustable feet to make it easier for you to adjust the table based on the fabricator’s height and location.


 stonegate hercules working table


The Slab Lifting Clamps are not only sturdy and high quality, but they also come spring-loaded so that they automatically release once the slab is fully lowered to the ground. The Slab Lifter comes complete with a swivel shackle which allows access into tight areas.


Hercules slab lifting clamps stonegateHercules slab lifting clamps stonegate 


The Hercules One Stop A-Frame is a one-stop solution to all your stone storage and transport needs. Store your stone on the A-Frame and secure it in place with four ratchet bars. Lift the A-Frame with an overhead crane thanks to the two eyelets on the top of the frame, or transport by forklift.

 The One-Stop A-Frame also features quick-release mounting pins allowing you to change the unit from stationary to mobile, using the four casters provided. The centre section of the A-Frame can even be used to store tools and small backsplashes, it really has been designed with the fabricator in mind.


Hercules one stone a frame stonegate 


The range also features a Foldable Table, Carts and Dollys all designed with the same attention to detail as the other products.


 hercules lifting range


These innovative Lifting and Handling solutions not only make life easier in the workshop but also help to control the risks that could jeopardize the safety of your workers.


Breaking News!

 To celebrate the new release of this fantastic Hercules Range Stonegate Precision Tooling has worked with the manufacturers to provide an exclusive launch offer to their customers, just in time for the busy production season.


Buy a Forklift Boom, get 50% off a lifting clamp

25% off all Lifting Clamps

Hercules Cart =  £600, save £360

Hercules Tug Dolly =  £300, save £125

6Ft Stonegate Sink Bar for £250

A box of 50 Master Mount Epoxy Clips for £50


 hercules lifting range


The offers only runs from  2nd – 6th September so interested customers will need to ensure to take advantage of these special offers before the week runs out.


To order simply contact your Stonegate Rep or call 01482 620400