Stonegate Precision Tooling has always prided itself on providing quality tooling and service to its customers. With the new ISO 9001:2015 certification Stonegate has now made a commitment to that goal. Operations Manager Alan Pollard tells us more about the decision to apply for the accreditation.

“The decision was made to go for the standard as it requires the business to periodically audit our quality processes that provide the objective feedback which is required to improve any processes that will keep Stonegate focused on our goals.”  


Stonegate receives its ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation 


The ISO is an international standard which specifies requirements for a quality management system. This ensures that any company, like Stonegate, who become accredited must ensure it continues to meet that standard, in order to keep the award.

To achieve the standard Stonegate had to demonstrate the following Criteria:


  1. Records of training, skills, experience and qualifications
  2. Product /service requirements review records
  3. Characteristics of products and the services to be provided
  4. Records about customer property
  5. Production /service provision change control records
  6. Record of conformity of product/service with acceptance criteria
  7. Record of non-conforming outputs
  8. Monitoring measurement results
  9. Internal audit program
  10. Results of internal audits
  11. Results of the management review
  12. Results of corrective actions
  13. Procedure for determining context of the organization and interested parties
  14. Procedure for addressing risks and opportunities
  15. Procedure for competence, training and awareness
  16. Procedure of equipment maintenance and measuring equipment
  17. Procedure for document and record control
  18. Sales procedure
  19. Procedure for production and service provision
  20. Warehousing procedure
  21. Procedure for management of non-conformities and corrective actions
  22. Procedure for monitoring customer satisfaction
  23. Procedure for internal audit
  24. Procedure for management review


Stonegate worked very closely with Qualiform, a business that understands the international standards and what is required to achieve them. They helped Stonegate to identify key areas of improvement required and created a bespoke quality management system manual to help them gain the award.


stonegate tooling warehouse 


To maintain the standard Stonegate must demonstrate their dedication to continuously improve the suitability adequacy & effectiveness of the quality management systems while constantly reviewing and evaluating to determine new needs or opportunities. The monitoring of the below are essential maintenance;


  • Goals and metrics 
    Setting goals on various levels and using metrics to measure performance.


  • Customer feedback 
    Measuring what customers think about the company and its products or services.


  • Internal audits 
    Periodical evaluating if the company still meets all ISO 9001 requirements.


  • Corrective action 
    Systematic identification of underlying causes of existing problems and then correcting these causes.


  • Risk management 
    A systematic search for potential risks and correcting their underlying causes before the problems can occur.


  • Opportunity management 
    A systematic search for opportunities and implementing those that promise the best results.


  • Management review 
    Management's periodical review of key business indicators and planning of improvement initiatives.



By achieving this standard Stonegate can continue to improve its internal management by producing less waste and increase efficiency, productivity and profit. Stonegate’s customers can have the confidence that their tooling supplier has made this commitment to ensure they receive exceptional service built on quality. Focused on minimising mistakes, improving communications and proving quality tooling and service.

This provides customers with trust in their supplier that they will receive not only a quality product but also that their order will be on time and in full. 


Stonegate Precision Tooling, the UK's most trusted supplier...

Here at Stonegate Precision Tooling, we've had the privilege of working with stone fabricators across both the UK and worldwide in providing them with the most innovative tooling and consumables for stone. Our work with stone fabricators has given us the first-hand expertise our customers need when choosing a key supplier to provide them with the essentials to keep them in business.

Through aiming for 100% customer satisfaction we exceed in honesty, loyalty and integrity whilst ensuring that our high-quality, performance products are available whenever our customers need them - 98% of our customers receive their orders on the next day; on time, in full. We work hard with all our customers to provide a service that ensures our customers experience value in all that we do and it's this commitment that has enabled Stonegate to become the UK's most trusted provider of specialist products and knowledge to stone fabricators.



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