Environmental impact is a concern amongst most forward-looking businesses and Stonegate is no exception. Stonegate’s operations team are fully embracing Lean strategies, working hard to drive down waste and deliver more value to their customers. With this in mind, they have reworked their packing and recycling processes to not only drive down waste and save money but also to have a better impact on the world around us.


With the investment in a cardboard shredding machine, all cardboard received into our goods-in department is shredded and used to pack our materials in dispatch. This has not only saved in cardboard recycling but also in most cases eliminating the need for the plastic packaging that damages our environment. It is not only the cardboard that is recycled. Any additional packaging that our manufacturers have packed the tools in, will also be reused when sending out tools to customers.



Stonegate’s Operations Manager Alan Pollard tells us more,

“As a business, we were extremely conscious of making the changes required to do our part in protecting the environment due to the current worldwide issues. One of our core values is to reduce the impact we have on the global environment so to undertake a project on how we could identify waste through improving our packaging process was paramount as to what we wanted to achieve”.



Stonegate goes ECO Friendly 



These small and simple changes add up to a big impact. With an average of 40+ orders a day shipped from the Stonegate warehouse this all adds up to a big saving for mother nature. So, when you order tooling from Stonegate now, you can be sure to not only receive quality tooling and expert knowledge but also you will be doing your bit to help the environment too.



Stonegate Precision Tooling, the UK's most trusted supplier...

Here at Stonegate Precision Tooling, we've had the privilege of working with stone fabricators across both the UK and worldwide in providing them with the most innovative tooling and consumables for stone. Our work with stone fabricators has given us the first-hand expertise our customers need when choosing a key supplier to provide them with the essentials to keep them in business.

Through aiming for 100% customer satisfaction we exceed in honesty, loyalty, and integrity whilst ensuring that our high-quality, performance products are available whenever our customers need them - 98% of our customers receive their orders on the next day; on time, in full. We work hard with all our customers to provide a service that ensures our customers experience value in all that we do and it's this commitment that has enabled Stonegate to become the UK's most trusted provider of specialist products and knowledge to stone fabricators.



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