One of the main challenges of processing the newest and most innovative material from Cosentino, DEKTON, is that due to the incredibly durable properties of the ultra-compact surface it can be a challenge to find tools that are simply up to the job.

DEKTON uses Particle Sintering Technology in order to create a dense, non-porous and incredibly hard-wearing work surface that, due to the sheer strength of this material, many fabricators are finding it hard to continue to use their time-tested tooling in order to ensure a quality finished piece of work. A common issue that the tool simply isn't up to the job and fails when faced with a hard material, such as DEKTON.

However, if you’re drilling cores in DEKTON and finding it a challenging due to glazing, or tools are underperforming, then look no further than the ItalDiamant Core Drill (12.179.35). This powerful, high-quality diamond core drill removes the threat of glazing over or sacrificing the finished quality of the job and is known to wear right down to the metal.

As an example, the Core Drill you can see in the picture below cut 100 holes in DEKTON and successfully used all the diamond without glazing over, a performance that is simply staggering for such a hard-wearing material. 


ItalDiamant DEKTON Core Drill


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