The new Aztec Ultimax V6 Polishing Pad System is finally here, exclusively in the UK from Stonegate Precision Tooling!


The new, innovative and professional Aztec Ultimax V6 Polishing Pad System for granite, marble & engineered stone. Available both Velcro and Snail Lock backing and exclusive to Stonegate these performance pads are designed to transform your Edge Polishing.


Developed with the highest-quality materials for maximum performance and efficiency, the Ultimax V6 Edge Pads are your only choice when Edge Polishing granite, engineered stone & marble surfaces as they balance stock cutting power, product life & still produce an impressive high-shine finish.


Designed with your workshop in mind, these innovative pads come equipped with your choice of either a Velcro or Snail Lock backing so you have the benefit of choosing whichever backing is right for your business. We work exclusively with leading Polishing Pad manufacturer Aztec in the UK which means each and every product we proudly stock has been developed in UK fabricator workshops and with our customers in mind, our work with Aztec on their research and development is unmatched within the UK stone fabrication industry.


We are committed to innovation and develop products which advance the business performance of our customers, polishing pads for stone are just one of the ways we ensure our customers benefit from increased efficiency and fabricating excellence by choosing us their first line supplier.