Expert CNC tool redressing, restoring the life of your tired tools and maximising your workshop efficiencies! 

If a CNC machine is the heart of your stone fabricating operation then you know better than anyone how important it is to have tools that are up to the task and perform every time. CNC tools and profiles wear out, it's going to happen, but what you choose to do with your tools is up to you... If you're looking for a cost-effective way of getting the most out of your tools and adding more value to your CNC investment, then tool redressing is a great way of doing both! 

Redressing is a service that replaces and restores the equipment back to its former glory, it restores the profile and gives it a new life so you can benefit from using the same tool more than once. 

Put simply, CNC tool redressing is a way of getting new tools, without paying for new tools! 

What separates Stonegate from the rest is that the quality of our redressing services is unmatched. Many claim quality, but with us you know you're getting the best - not only are you making significant savings for your business over buying new sets of tools each time you need them, but you're truly reducing your workshop cost per foot in the process.

Speak with us today about redressing and restoring new life into your tired, worn out tools.