Choosing Your Diamond Bridge Saw Blades


Choosing a new diamond blade is a significant decision for your business. A bridge saw is the heart of your stone production and the blade that you choose to fit needs to cope with the modern pressures of stone production. You want to ensure you are making the right decision so that the stone you are cutting will get a clean cut. Choose the wrong blade and you may find chipping and even breakages may cause you to have to replace the slab, leading to more expense.

So, whether you are looking for a blade to cope with challenging materials such as DEKTON or quartzite, or you’re looking to replace your old blade with the latest technology, read this guide to choosing a new diamond blade.


The team at Stonegate are always happy to provide you with advice personal to your situation to help you achieve the best cut possible, so if you want to discuss your choices further give our team a call on 01482 620400.


 fusions quartzite slab


The Material

The material you will be cutting will be your largest consideration when choosing a new diamond bridge saw blade. One size does not fit all.

You may need to choose a blade with a softer bond, more segments or a higher diamond content. With a tricky to cut material like DEKTON, you would definitely want to pick a blade that has been designed with DEKTON in mind.

Stonegate’s DEKTON Range comes certified by Cosentino, which means if the blade is responsible for breaking the slab, then they will replace it for you. With a promise like that you can cut with confidence.



 wetting cutting evogres bridge saw blade - stonegate


The Method

Your choice of blade will also depend on whether you intend to cut wet or dry. This tends to be down to the user's preference, however, with the HSE cracking down on stone dust in factories, we would recommend cutting wet to help control the risk.

Wet cutting, however, isn’t always possible, in which case you need a blade that will be able to handle the heat generated when you cut dry.


The Price

What is your budget? Are you looking for a quality blade that will last and continue to give you a great cut, or a cheap blade to get you through one job? What type of rim do you need? Segmented blades tend to give you a longer life and a lower cost per cut than a continuous blade, but they do come with a higher outlay.



stongates the Tempest blade - Diamond bridgesaw blade 

The Blade

There is a lot of science behind your diamond blade, lots of elements working together to give you the perfect cut. It is important to understand how your blade works in order to use it properly and select the one that is right for you. Check out our other blog ‘Diamond Blades: The Science behind the technology’ for a helpful look into what makes your diamond blade cut.


Are you ready to make your selection? Shop for blades in the cutting section of our store now.



 TEMPEST Blade-arranged diamond-bridgesaw blade


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