As we start to draw close to the end of 2018 we thought it would be important to look ahead on what to expect in 2019. With trends ever changing it is vital to stay ahead of the game and most importantly ensure you have the right tools for the job whether it’s stone cutting, or simply moving stone slabs in your workshop.

2019 is set to be the year of nature, with influences coming from the great outdoors. Green, orange and deep blue pallets are set to heavily feature alongside multifunctional countertops. The great news for both your business and ours is that stone is still set to heavily feature in not only countertops and flooring but also kitchen cabinets too.

So, let's take a look at some of the trends you can expect next year in closer detail.


Blue and copper kitchen design



With 2019 being the year of nature this will be heavily reflected in colour choice. We expect to see lots of lush greens beautifully accented with shades of terracotta. Deep blues against stunning copper/gold features create a more rustic look and copper is set to feature heavily in most kitchens throughout 2019, which gives a lovely antique feel whilst remaining contemporary.

The choice within stone worktops has never been greater and consumers will be looking for natural hues in 2019 to complement other design choices throughout their home. Consumers opting for manmade surfaces, such as quartz and ultra-compact, will be looking for hyperrealism – surfaces that look and feel like they are natural pieces but with the added benefit of being much more durable for daily kitchen use.

For those fabricators worried about the continued increase in popularity of ultra-compact surfaces such as DEKTON, Neolith, Laminam and Lapitec, we have an expert range of next-generation stone tooling that is specifically designed to cut, polishing and finish these durable surfaces.


Dekton Kitchen Natura

A multifunctional DEKTON Kitchen Island (natura)


Minimalism with Multifunction

2019’s kitchens expect to display a more clean and minimal appearance, with upper cabinets being used less and less. With this in mind, the lower cabinets take on a more seamless and flowing multifunctional purpose. With pop-up storage and kitchen islands providing a cooking, cleaning and hosting function, we can expect to see cooking hobs and sinks more seamlessly built in through the stone, proving a nicer flow through-out. What this means for fabricators is a demand for designs that work in harmony with the way kitchens are intended to be used in 2019. More functional kitchen islands require a greater level of processine. Ensure to keep a good stock on your Stonegate Diamond Core Drills to create those countertop pop-ups with ease.


Textured kitchen silestone worktop

Textured Silestone kitchen Island



Tactile Textured Tops

Continuing with the natural theme the texturing craze is set to continue. Our Diamond texturing brushes are easy to use and create that fantastic sensory experience on the countertops that is in demand.

A leathered finish has a soft sheen without being glossy meaning you get both the incredible natural finish of the granite and an enticing texture. The other benefit is that leathered workshops hide everyday dirt and grime that can spoil the finish of the workshop on an almost daily basis – these include fingerprints, water/liquid spots and smudges.




Stone Countertops

The demand for a stone countertop is set to increase with quartz and granite continuing its popularity thanks to its long-lasting durability, premium look and feel and relatively lower cost than natural granite. If you haven’t yet tried our new TEMPEST diamond blade, then we would recommend adding one to your order list. Not only does it cut both quartz and granite with incredible speed and ease, but most of our customer are reporting three times more life than other blades thanks to its 26mm, arranged diamond segments. With both these materials set to feature heavily in even more kitchens than before next year, it is an added value to your workshop that you can’t afford to miss out on.


natural kitchen


Wrapping Up

2019 is set to be a fantastic year for stone fabricators. Stones popularity, be it natural or manmade, is set to increase greatly as customers find more money in their pockets and more and more people wanting to create their own serene space within their homes.

Ensure that you keep your workshop ahead to meet the increasing demand as to not disappoint your customers. Look out for tools, consumables and equipment that not only give you a better finish, but that can increase your workshops efficiencies. Even a small increase in a blades cutting power can make a huge difference over a period of time meaning that you can get more jobs done and out the door.

Don’t forget that we love to see your finished designs so share your fantastic creations made with your Stonegate Tools with us on our social media channels!