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GRABO Electric Vacuum Lifter with Gauge | Stonegate Precision Tooling

GRABO Electric Vacuum Lifter with Gauge & Carrying Case


Grabo is a premium stand alone suction pad tool for almost any situation where you need to lift sheet materials.

Battery 14.8VDC 2600mAh Li-ion

Rated Power 16W

Battery Charging Time ~2hrs - Non-Stop Running Time (Full Charge) 1.5hrs

Designed to lift up to 170KG with ease

Portable electric vacumn suction lifter - strong, secure & cordless

Grabs almost any surface to move heavy materials safely with minimal risk

Uses: Stone Slabs, Large format Tiles, Plasterboard, Patio slabs, Timber - you name it it will help with handling it!

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Working Load Limit 170Kg Net Weight 1.6KG