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Invisabond Sterling 3129

Invisabond Sterling 3129 250ml


Non – Sag seaming adhesive, for lamination and mitred edges. Specifically designed for Quartz, Compact Sintered Materials and Natural Stone products.

Extremely UV-stable.

Intended for indoor use only.

Not designed for use on metals or plastics


Fabricators Tip
Remember! Invisabond's shelf life and cure speed are both affected by temperature! Storing your Invisabond adhesive correctly is the key to getting the most out it.
The Invisabond range will last for more than 2 years if you keep your glue at or below 22°C.

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Product Attributes
Product variants
Code Stock Size Case Size Colour Type Strength Heat Resistance Indoors/Outdoors Gel time at 25°C Hardening Time Use Base Colours Area of Use £
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Size 250ml Case Size 20 Colour Sterling 3129 Type Strength 8Mpa Heat Resistance 10°C to 30°C Indoors/Outdoors Indoors Gel time at 25°C 10Min Hardening Time 30Min Use Base Colours No Area of Use Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone & Porcelain