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Betafit Contour Fit Safety Goggles For Stone Workers, Safety & PPE, Workshop PPE & First Aid - Stonegate Precision Tooling

Betafit Safety Goggles (2802) Eiger

Ski style safety goggles with a contour fit for optimum comfort and protection.
  • BETAFIT EIGER contour fit clear Safety Goggles have indirect vents for protection against impact, dust and chemical splash.
  • Optical Class 1, highest quality clear vision polycarbonate lens
  • Mechanical Strength B – medium energy impact protection from high speed particles
  • Soft and flexible inner face seal for ultimate comfort and protection
  • Indirect vents and Anti-Mist coating prevents heat and moisture build up within the goggles
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Mist coated polycarbonate lens for excellent all round vision.  
  • Ultra strong, wide elastic headband for long term strength and comfort
  • Tested and CE Approved to BS EN166 1 B 3 4:2002
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