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Feder MKD Adhesive

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A two-part polyester resin-based adhesive for granite, quartz, marble and other natural and manmade stones. Federchemicals only work with the finest raw materials. This quality control guarantees an exceptional product and a fine, softer adhesive with excellent adhesion that has a very smooth texture and easy to work with.

For mixing and best practice instructions, see the bottom of this page.

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36.65.00 Feder MKD Clear 1ltr
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36.65.00I Feder MKD Ice Clear 1ltr
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36.65.01 Feder MKD Straw 1ltr
0 £9.45
36.65.02 Feder MKD White 1ltr
0 £9.45
36.65.03 Feder MKD Black 1ltr
0 £9.45
36.65.40 Feder MKD Clear Fluid 1ltr
0 £11.45
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For best results, mix 2 to 3% of the catalyst (dibenzoyl peroxide), with the adhesive, we often describe this in the proportions of a golf ball of adhesive to a pea-sized amount of the catalyst.

The paste formula makes it easy to measure.



To obtain the right colour or shadow of the material to be treated/glued, colouring pastes (Base Colours) can be used to be mixed to the adhesive.

The adhesive that can be coloured is the Straw colour (it is the basic formulation of the adhesive). Never colour white adhesives.

Colouring can weaken adhesive performance. The hardened/cured adhesive is completely workable (grinding, polishing, sanding, buffing, etc. after 2 to 5 hours)

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