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Snail Lock Velcro Backing Pads | Stone Polishing Pads

100mm Snail Lock Velcro Backing Pads

Snail Lock Velcro Backing Pads

100mm Diameter Snail Lock Velcro backing pads for use with 20.56.10M 100mm M14 to Snail Backing Head

Using a snail lock system speeds the polishing process up.

Purchase 1 x Snail lock velcro backing pad per polishing pad in your pad system and leave the polishing pad on the backing pad permanently.

It is then a quarter turn operation to lock and unlock pads on and off the 100mm M14 to snail backing head in between polishing pad grits during the polishing process.

It is also notable that polishing pads last longer when left on their backing pad. a. the velcro doesnt wear prematurely and b. also the pad stays more consistently flat throughout its life.

Can also be used on Commandulli Speedy Machines 

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