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What are the benefits of OPTIMO?

 Downtime:  In practice setting up profile tooling on a CNC is a laborious process that can take anywhere from two hours to eight hours dependent on the experience and abilities of operators.  This service eliminates the need for that set up time so you can focus on fabricating worktops.  Human error is now almost gone with the operator simply needing to copy a set of measurements into the CNC operating system, no more tools accidentally damaged during set up.

Increased Speed:  Due to the accuracy of the system tooling can run faster than ever before.  The tool can now perform the way it was intended by taking off the correct amount of stock.  The CNC will no longer be a bottleneck.

Increased Quality:  A more accurate setup allows for a better finish.  Promoting a right first-time culture and ensuring time is not wasted by running multiple passes to achieve the high standards strived for.  This can have a knock-on effect in a hand finishing department and reduce the amount of time required to complete work.

Increased Tool Life:  With the accuracy of Optimo the tooling only works as hard as it needs to, meaning the expected lifespan is exceeded every time.

All Profiles, All Machines:  Optimo allows for any profile to be set up in exactly the same way which means no more having to waste precious production time on complex set ups.


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