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Optimo, CNC Maintenance

Powered by Zares®

A Revolution in Automated Stone Fabrication

Optimo edging

If you are using CNC tools for stone fabrication and cutting you understand the importance of setting up your CNC profiling tools accurately to ensure perfect results time after time. OPTIMO, powered by Zares® technology, is a service designed to not only ensure your CNC profiling tools are measured with unrivalled accuracy but also means you can:

  • Increase the speed of your CNC machines to run up to 9m a minute
  • Increase the speed of your stone tooling by up to 30%
  • Reduce CNC machine set up (and reduce downtime) from 4 hours to 15 minutes
  • Increase the lifespan of your stone tooling by 20%
  • Create a high-quality polish faster than ever across a range of stone types
  • Increase efficiencies away from the machine, significantly reducing hand finishing
  • Release the full potential of your CNC machinery

OPTIMO uses the patented Zares® machine and software for tools measuring and toolsets management, administred and facilitated by a dedicated team of Stonegate technical experts. If you work closely with CNC tools, either as a CNC operator or CNC engineer then OPTIMO can save you time and improve accuracy for your tool setup. If you operate CNC machines find out how OPTIMO can help you today.

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How OPTIMO can improve your CNC machine tooling

CNC Tool Downtime:

Setting up profile tooling on a CNC is a laborious process that can take from two to eight hours for a CNC operator, costing time and money



Eliminate set-up time and focus on stone fabrication as human error is almost gone. Simply copy a set of measurements into the CNC operating system, no more tools are accidentally damaged during set-up.

CNC Machine Speed:

CNC tools can be a bottleneck for the wider stone fabrication process, causing issues and delays. Costing you time and money.



Due to the accuracy of the OPTIMO system, powered by Zares® technology, CNC tooling can be set-up and run faster than ever before. Your tools will now perform the way y the manufacturer intended, by taking off the correct amount of stock.

Quality of Stone Finish:

Time is wasted by CNC tool operators, running multiple passes. OPTIMO ensures CNC engineers get the right cut and finish first time, everytime.



Promoting a right-first-time culture and ensuring time is not wasted. A more accurate CNC tool set-up allows for a better finish; this can reduce the amount of time required to complete work.

CNC Tool Life:

OPTIMO helps extend the life of your tools by minimising strain with fewer passes and improving CNC tool maintenance. Saving you money in the long-run.



The accuracy Zares® stone tools management system means OPTIMO helps your tooling work only as hard as it needs to, with minimal fuss. Therefore, the life of your CNC tools is extended, and lifespan is improved and exceeded every time.

All Profiles, All Machines

If you are using CNC machines for your stone fabrication needs, production time can be wasted on complicated setup and measurement.

OPTIMO, powered by Zares® technology, allows for any profile to be setup in the same way, meaning that your CNC operators don’t have to waste production time on complex machine setup each time. You can programme OPTIMO to set-up your CNC tools quickly and easily with minimal fuss. Giving you a high, quality, consistent experience time after time.

How does OPTIMO work?

Simply tell us the shape you need setting up, send us the required amount of tool holders and we do the rest

Measuring takes place at Stonegate Precision Tooling using the Main Axis Zares system.

We securely package and send the tools back to you with the measurements needed for the tools to perform.

Once you receive the tools, install them into the machine with the new measurements and you are ready to go.


What do we offer?

One-time set up:

OPTIMO allows for any profile to be set up in the same way which means no more having to waste precious production time on complex set ups.

Subscription Service:

An in-depth collaboration to improve your business efficiencies. We investigate the systems within production at your request and ensure that you are running at optimum capacity. Armed with the knowledge of countless machines, tools, processes, and experience within the industry we can advise on any aspect of fabrication. An initial analysis to understand your needs in the CNC department means we provide just the right amount of tooling for you at a cost that is spread over a 12 to 24-month period.

Profile Renting:

We will provide tools set up ready to run and allocate a charge per linear metre.

  • Best of Product & Best of Technology
  • Universal Tool Presetting
  • Telecentric lens calibrated up to 5 microns
  • 360° tool scan in 10 seconds
  • Full CNC machine integration

Zares® Stone Tools Management System:


Zares® is a 3D Optical CNC TOOL Measuring system designed to help eliminate machine downtime, increase speed, improve efficiency and extend tool life.

The Zares machine and accompanying software for tools measuring and toolsets management are available to purchase from Stonegate. They enable you to take control of your tool management and optimise your working process, while improving the quality of your work.

All our tools are made in Italy, so you can have peace of mind you are only receiving the highest quality products for your machines

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Optimo Edge Profile Options

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