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Stonegate Flocculant 25ltr | Stonegate Precision Tooling



The CSP80 product is a super concentrate, water-based polyelectrolyte so will need to be made up into a working solution which as normal, can be dosed into the wastewater line feeding a clarifier. Dose rates will be dependent on loading.

Suggested dilution is to a 1% working solution, dosed at 1 or 2 % per volume of wastewater.

Feel free to play with the product yourselves as due to it being water based, you will find it a lot easier to use, dilute, and more important, rinse away if spilt!

Test sample for dosage is a good idea:

1. Get a small, clear plastic office cooler cup.

2. Open the bottle of White Poly

3. Place an old pencil into the white liquid up to the part that has been sharpened.

4. Place pencil over plastic cup filled with water and allow the White Poly to drip into the water. Once the drips have slowed to a stop, use the pencil as a stirrer.

5. The end will go like jelly, but don’t worry, this is what it does.

6. Keep stirring the liquid until the water has gone clear and gets thicker.

7. Allow to stand for 5 mins, then stir again. This is now “Conditioned” and ready to use on your wastewater samples.

It is common to add to much product, so add useable product to your wastewater sample dip by drip while stirring the sample. You will start to see flocks forming. It takes practice to know just how much to add, but it’s all about playing with dose rates and the energy you put into the stirring.

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