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Tenax Policare Neuto Anti Bacterial Sealant

Tenax Policare Anti Bacterial Sealant - Food Safe


Water-oil repellent enhancer sealer with a natural effect for granite, quartzite, marble, quartz-resin agglomerate

It is a solvent-based product, whose quick drying and easy removal of the residue make it suitable for both manual and line application

Tenax Policare Anti Bacterial Sealant is also Food Safe making it very attractive to many catering industries and home owners.

How to apply:

The product must be applied on fully dry and clean surfaces. Any water and/ or dust may make the treatment non-homogeneous.

The product can be applied by paintbrush, spraying, with a cloth or with a sponge, making sure to apply the amount that the material naturally absorbs evenly.

After applying it, remove from the surface any product excess with a clean cloth.
The desired stain-resistant effect is reached 24 hours after the treatment.

IMPORTANT: If the surface is treated for the first time, we recommend an initial test on a sample or hidden corner.

Where to apply: granite, quartzite, engineered stone

Aspect: liquid opalescent

Color: colourless

Cover: 20-30 mq/ 1 lt


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