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Hulk Crystallising Powder

Hulk Crystallising Powder


Hulk Crystallising Powder for giving the highest shine possible on marble granite & engineered stone
Use with felt mops or felt pads with water and work at slow speed until desired results are gained.

How to use it.
Apply 20 grams of powder /m2 of stone Then
add approx. 500ml of water and use felt pad to work the product and water together for 5 minutes. The resulting green watery solution. Keep the solution moist, do not allow the mixture to thicken or dry out.
After at least 5 but no more than 8 minutes, add a further 1 litre of water to dilute the mixture and work with the pad and slow speed polisher machine.
Clean residual water off by rinsing and your job is done.

1 Kg Container.

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