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20mm Eulithe 3050 x 70mm Substrate Board

20mm Eulithe 3050 x 70mm Substrate Board


Eulithe is a lightweight substrate board for use in Mitre top situations. Usually used for packing out the front edge against the mitre downstand and glue in place.

One side of this Eulithe board is plastic coated and this is placed face outwards so when the finished countertop is in place the under edge feel is smooth.

Particular attention is drawn to the use of Eulithe® in the production of kitchen and bathroom tops. By applying Eulithe® panels under the surface of stone materials, such as natural and composite stones, laminates, steel, acrylic materials and porcelain stoneware it is possible to obtain very light artefacts, maintaining high features of structural rigidity.

Eulithe® also guarantees, thanks to its very low water absorption and dimensional stability, a long life compared to other support materials currently used. The Eulithe® staff is available to customers for suggestions and more detailed information on the type of Eulithe® to be used for your kitchen tops.

Full pallet quantities are advisable to reduce carriage costs

Full pallet is 120 pieces (pallets can be mixed btween 20mm and 30mm thickness)

Sizing is 3050mm x 70mm and comes in two different thicknesses (20mm or 30mm)

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