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RepairLux Complete Kit with Compact Light | Stonegate

Repair Lux Kit - Complete Inc Micro Curing Light


Repair Lux granite and marble repair kits are a firm favourite amongst our customers here at Stonegate and it's no wonder why, with an impressive range of replacement cartridges, fillers, granulates and tools it’s the go-to solution for damaged material.

The Kit Consists Of:

1 x Transparent Liquid 3ml   1 x Transparent Base 3ml  
1 x Filler White 3ml 1 x Filler Marble 3ml
1 x Filler Black 3ml 1 x Filler Green 3ml
1 x Filler Yellow 3ml 1 x Filler Blue 3ml
1 x Filler Red 3ml 1 x Filler Beige 3ml
6 x Granulate Various 5g 1 x Cleaning Solution
3 x Micro Sanding Paper 1 x Brass Brush Set
1 x Diamond Drill Set (20 pc)    1 x Compact Light
1 x Crystal Silver 1 x Crystal Gold
15 x Spare Cannula 1 x Metal Applicator
1 x Cuttlebone 1 x Plastic Film (10 pieces)
1 x Metal Planer 1 x Touch Up Pen Black
1 x Polishing Cloth 1 x Cotton Cloth
1 x Polishing Paste 1 x Mixing Cup
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