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1 Ltr MKD Feder Transparent Fluid Adhesive

Feder MKD Polyester Fluid Adhesive


Fluid/Horizontal clear polyester resin for filling cracks fissures and also horizontal glueing of stone to stone.

Great product for build up jobs of 20mm on 20mm stone or for bonding the GRP rodding material into the stone.

Consistancy of runny honey but cures at the same speed as usual polyester resin

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Code Stock Size Case Size Colour Type Strength Heat Resistance Indoors/Outdoors Gel time at 25°C Hardening Time Use Base Colours Area of Use £
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Size 1 Litre Case Size 12 Colour Clear Type Strength 5Mpa Heat Resistance 0°C to 110°C Indoors/Outdoors Indoors Gel time at 25°C 4mins Hardening Time 60mins Use Base Colours Yes Area of Use Stone