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Flex CS60 Wet Stone Cutting Saw | Stone Cutting | Stonegate Tooling

Flex CS60 Wet Saw 240v


This wet cutting circular saw is specifically designed for cutting stone. Ideal for onsite stone cutting & trimming. With a 54mm depth and a 1400W motor, it weighs only 4.5Kg for added versatility. Comes as standard with a high quality, purpose made 180mm diamond blade, wrench, guide fence and a robust plastic case.

High-performance motor: extra powerful for stone cutting and joint milling
Continuous cut depth setting from 0-60 mm, with rail guide up to 54 mm. In the mitre cut from 0-44 mm, with guide rail up to 38 mm
Continuous angle adjustment for mitre cuts from 0-45°
Cut marking at the base plate from 0°/30°/45° for rapid orientation + High-quality magnesium die castings for protective cover and base plates
Motor protection made of rubber prevents the direct intake of spray water
Water supply: for an effective cooling of the diamond blade + Quick-fit brass coupling: for 1/2" water hose
GFCI operator protector circuit breaker: integrated into cord
Ideal for: Inserting water grooves in window sills or steps, work tops, facade slabs, terrazzo slabs in garden design & landscaping, joint renovation in the floor
Spindle lock

Handy wet cutting saw that takes a 150mm - 170mm blade

Easily perform 90 degree cuts and 45 Degree mitre cuts and extremely accurate when used on a saw rail.

2 x rail lengths available 800mm and 1600mm

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Blade Wattage 1400W Voltage 240V

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