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Detergon R3 Detergent | Cleaning Chemicals | Stonegate Tooling

Feder Detergon R3 Neutral Cleaning Concentrate


Detergon R3 Heavy Duty but neutral cleaner is a concentrate cleaner that can be used on granite, marble, slate, natural stones, terracotta, porcelain stoneware, linoleum, and ceramic, amongst other applications. amongst being the ideal detergent product for carpets, moquettes, roll-up shutters, Venetian blinds, fireplaces, mosquito-nets, bathtubs, sanitary fittings, dish-washers, refrigerators, mirrors, glass and lighting equipment.

Detergon R3 is powerfully antibacterial whilst remaining pH neutral at pH7.

If every home owner used this in their homes this would solve numourous cleaning challenges. It is powerful, smells clean and is a long loved product of 100's if not 1000's of repeat customers.

Dilute by adding a cap full in mop bucket or cleaning bucket or use with our sister company Kara Scrubber drier machine.

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