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1 Litre A-Plus Oil Repellent Stone Colour Enhancer | Stonegate Tooling

1 Litre A-Plus Oil Repellent Colour Enhancer


The A-Plus Oil Repellent Stone Colour Enhancer is a non-film forming protective solution ideal for low-porosity surfaces.

Apply this to stone surfaces to enhance and brighten even the dullest of colours. A-plus not only enhances the stone but impregnates it to protect against fingerprints and marks left during the installation. A-plus can be used for recovering and refreshing old and tired surfaces while protecting against UV rays and maintenance washing.

Directions For Use: Do not dilute. Apply the product to clean and dry surfaces. Spread a small amount evenly to the surface using a cloth, cleaning pad or soft brush.




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Size 1 Litre Case Size 12 Type Composition Solvent Based Finish Colour Intensifier