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400mm Italdiamant NEXT Saw Blade Donatoni & Breton Holes


The ‘Italdiamant Next Blade’ is the next generation blade for cutting every material known to worktop fabricators!

With unprecedented speeds on all materials and no need to change saw blade between material changes this really is the industry answer to the challenges fabricators face with time constraints.

With average time spent change saw blades around 15-20mins depending on the saw.

Finding it difficult to cut ceramic and porcelain almost at speeds you cut engineered stone? Then here’s your answer!

This blade is far ahead of other blades on the market with virtually chip free finish on the most difficult materials.

This blade also require very little sharpening. It is suggested to cut an engineered stone job periodically between a Dekton job to freshen up the diamonds.

Also beware, this blade is extremely fast!


RPM 2800-3000

Natural Quartzite 30mm Speed = 1.0m/Min

Natural Marble 30mm Speed = 2.5m/Min

Natural Granite 30mm Speed = 3.5m/Min

General Ceramic & Porcelain Speed = 2.5-3m/Min

Dekton 20mm Speed = Dark Colours 2.4m/Min & Light Colours 1.5-1.7m/Min

Engineered Stone 30mm Speed 4m/Min



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Code Stock Diameter RPM Feed Rate/Min on 20mm Feed Rate/Min on 30mm Segment Height Bore Location Holes £
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Diameter 400mm RPM 2800 - 3000 Feed Rate/Min on 20mm 3500mm Feed Rate/Min on 30mm 2500mm Segment Height 10mm Bore 50/60mm Location Holes Breton & Donatoni