1 Litre Zimba Black

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ZIMBABLACK is a longlasting sealant formulated to saturate surfaces and to cover the stains present in black Zimbabwe.

ZIMBABLACK contains special pigments used to darken black marble and granite such as: Black Africa, Black Zimbabwe, Black Marquinia, etc. Green granites such as: Alpine Green, Guatemala Green, etc giving them a wet look and refreshing the colours for several years and restoring the brilliance to those dulled colours. The product reduces the surface defects such as slight scratches produced during the various smoothing and/or polishing phases of the marble, granite or natural stone surfaces. ZIMBABLACK is not affected by UV rays so it can be applied on external surfaces aswell. The treated surfaces become darker, have a more uniform appearance and quality is improved.

 As ZIMBABLACK is water repellent it protects the surface from humidity by penetrating deep below the surface, while maintaining the intial look over a long period of time. 

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HANDLING AND STORAGE The product must be stored in the original containers, perfectly sealer, at a temperature between 0 and 30°C and shielded from direct sunlight. In these conditions, the product has a self-life of 12 months of the date quoted in the delivery note. If the material has been stored for longer than its recommended self-life, it might still be suitable, but this has to be determined beforehand by performing quality checks on its application-related properties.

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Size 1ltr
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