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1 Litre Bondex Stone Adhesive Vertical - Pigeon Grey

1 Litre Bondex Stone Adhesive Vertical - Pigeon Grey


Our range of new, engineered stone, quartz colour matched adhesives have been specifically developed to match Cosentino Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, Santa Margherita, Dupont Zodiaq, and many others known throughout the stone fabrication industry.


Mix ratio: 2-3% hardener to resin

Gelling time at 25°C: 4-5mins

Hardening time: 60mins (tack-free after 15mins)


Our stock range of perfectly colour-matched resins come pre-mixed to save you time getting the exact match you need. All these adhesives are knife grade and are ideal for forming vertical joints between two slabs of quartz. They have a gel time of just 5 minutes at room temperature and cure rapidly after this, ensuring a short working time for fitters.


✔ Excellent adhesion

✔ Excellent polishing

✔ Lower VOC than traditional mastic

✔ Perfect visual results from expertly blended colours

✔ Matched to a huge range of the most popular quartz surfaces

✔ Not just for quartz, perfect for all stones

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Code Stock Size Case Size Colour Type Strength Heat Resistance Indoors/Outdoors Gel time at 25°C Hardening Time Use Base Colours Area of Use £
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Size 1 Litre Case Size 12 Colour Pigeon Grey Type Strength 3Mpa Heat Resistance 0°C to 110°C Indoors/Outdoors Indoors Gel time at 25°C 4mins Hardening Time 60mins Use Base Colours Yes Area of Use Stone