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450mm CONQUEROR© Bridge Saw Blade CNC Type w/ Peg

450mm CONQUEROR© 4mm Segment CNC Blade H12 c/w B&D Peg Holes


The Conqueror, exclusively available from Stonegate, exists to dominate your workshop!

Expertly balancing cutting performance, speed, life and versatility without sacrificing finished cut quality, the NEW Conqueror diamond bridge saw blade is the latest addition to the Stonegate range!

Featuring a specialist granite and quartz diamond matrix within its 48, 18mm segments, this powerful diamond blade delivers effective and efficient everyday cutting power with 20% more diamond segment than most ‘standard’ 15mm diamond bridge saw blades available today.

The 450mm CNC blade comes with the CNC peg holes.

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Code Stock Diameter RPM Feed Rate/Min on 20mm Feed Rate/Min on 30mm Segment Height Bore Location Holes £
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Diameter 450mm RPM 1275 Feed Rate/Min on 20mm 2500mm Feed Rate/Min on 30mm 1800mm Segment Height 12mm Bore 50/60mm Location Holes Breton, Donatoni & Kolb